International Yoga Day: Get A Bikini Body With Yoga In A Month; Tips and Asanas


Beach ready yet? Among all the body fitness desires, a bikini body is something all women desire for. For a bikini body, you need to tone your thighs, butt, upper body and abs. Pretty much the whole body! Yoga is highly recommended for toning the body and giving it a good shape. It is an effective and safe way to achieve your dream of a perfectly sculpted body without having to slog it out at the gym. This 3rd International Yoga Day, we urge all the women out there to take up yoga today and start working on their dream of a bikini perfect body. Take a look at the following yoga poses that can get help you achieve that:

1. Quarter Dog

This pose helps tones the upper back, shoulders and abs. Pose like a downward facing dog and spread your fingers wide. Lower your forearms to the mat and make a straight line between your middle fingers and elbows. Straighten your legs, lower the heels toward the floor, and spread heels slightly wider than your toes in a manner, the outside edges of your feet are in parallel with the edges of your mat. Now, relax your head between your arms and gaze through your legs or towards your belly button. Hold on to this pose for five breaths.

2. Balancing Star

This helps you tone the shoulders, arms, thighs and abs. From the quarter dog pose, lift your elbows up, come back to your downward facing dog pose. Step your both feet together in a way so that your big toes touch. Now, move your left hand to the right by six inches at the upper center of the mat. Step the left foot forward by two inches and now plant your left foot’s sole on the mat so that the toes are pointing toward right. Roll open on the left side and lift the right hand off your mat. Raise the right leg in the air. Stay at this position for some time and keep your spine, hips, and shoulders in one straight line. Gaze towards your right hand, hold on for five deep breaths and make sure your pose is steady.

3. Knee-Up Plank

It tones the upper body, abs and legs. Make a plank or top of a push-up position with your straight legs and arms. Make it a point that your shoulders are set over your wrists. Now, bend your right knee and squeeze it within your chest. Stay at this knee-up plank for five deep breaths.

4. Burning Low Lunge

It tones your thighs. Coming from knee up plank, you need to step your right foot forward between your hands. This should come down to low lunge. Now lower your torso, reach your right arm below your right knee. Now, interlace both your hands in front of the right ankle in a form of an embracement. Keep the weight on your legs, resist the urge to move into your hands. In case, you feel this is getting intense for your thigh muscle, rest one or both the hands on the floor. Stay at this pose for five breaths.

5. Side Fierce

This tones the thighs and shoulders. From the above pose, lower your hands, step back your right foot and take a Vinyasa (the pose that goes from Four-Limbed Staff to Up Dog to Down Dog). Now, inhale to step both feet forward between the hands. Exhale and fold over your straight legs. Inhale and rise up to a standing position. Keep in mind that your feet should stay together. Bend your squat and knees, raise your arms in the air. Now exhale and cross your left elbow over the outer right knee. Press on the palms together, and push your bottom elbow against the thighs to lift and rotate your chest up, thus, increasing the twist. Now, pull the left hip back and make sure both your knees are parallel. Stay at this pose for five breaths.

Above were a few poses that you can do to achieve a bikini body. These need to be done consistently and daily with utmost dedication increasing the time and intensity gradually. Do not stress too much while doing the above poses and take rest from time to time. If you are suffering from any ailment related to the spine or heart, speak to your instructor before doing the poses. Get the right bikini body and flaunt it to the world.


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