How to Cure a Cold in one Day – Cold and Flu Treatment

Many people are sick with colds and flu this season.

If you get flu, you have to take medicine! I think there are many people who have such an image. So what happens if you don’t actually take medicine?

Influenza can be cured on its own

If the flu is young and healthy, it is almost always cured naturally without treatment.
The typical course of not using an influenza treatment (antiviral) is as follows: First, the fever of 38 degrees to 40 degrees rapidly occurs with cold and headache. It can also be accompanied by joint pain, muscle pain, dullness, loss of appetite, cough, sneezing, and sore throat. The fever lasts about 3-4 days and takes about a week for the symptoms to recover.

If you are allergic to the drug or if it has been more than 48 hours since you started fever, it is said that the effect of the drug is not expected. Let’s rest.
-Rest at home and get a good night’s sleep
-Take water frequently (to prevent dehydration due to high heat)
・ For fever reduction, cool the neck (where the carotid artery touches), armpits, thighs (ventral side), etc.
・ For fever, change your clothes as soon as you sweat.
・ We humidify the room to prevent complications such as colds caused by new viruses.
・ Enough nutrition with a digestible diet (egg and tofu with high protein content that does not burden the stomach)

What are the effects of influenza drugs?

So what is the effect of influenza drugs (antiviral drugs)?
First of all, it can be expected to shorten the time when high fever is out. Influenza often has a high fever of 38 degrees or more, so you want to make the condition as short as possible. It may also reduce the risk of life-threatening complications for people with chronic illnesses.
In particular,

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Chronic respiratory disease
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Renal dysfunction
  • Immunodeficiency diseases Anyone who falls under may cause serious pneumonia as a complication of influenza and become life-threatening. Infants also have poor resistance and may have complications such as febrile seizures, otitis media, and encephalopathy. These people should be treated with drugs to prevent their severity. Therefore, even if you are young and healthy, if you have a family member who is at high risk of complications listed above, you may want to use the power of medicine to quickly recover your physical strength.

Basically Go to the Hospital and Get Treatment

Influenza is not an illness that can never be cured without medicine, but unless you have a good reason, you should be treated and get back to physical strength as soon as possible. Because it is a highly infectious disease, it may cause depression not only to the person who is infected, but also to the people around him.
If there is a law called “School Health Safety Law” for students, if they have the flu, “5 days after the onset of influenza and 2 days after the fever (3 days for infants)” It is decided that you must take a leave of absence, and there is no law for working people to stay away from work when they are infected with the flu, but at any company or workplace In many cases, it is said that employees must take leave for the same number of days as the “School Health Safety Law”. Although it is possible to heal on its own, it is necessary to take a day off from the school or company, and it is necessary to obtain a medical certificate. If you have more than 38 degrees of fever for more than a day, be sure to go to the hospital for a medical examination.

Naoko Yoshida Graduated from Gunma University School of Medicine and completed the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine. After working in internal medicine and psychosomatic medicine at the University of Tokyo Hospital, he worked as a visiting associate professor at the Institute of Life and Medical Engineering, Waseda University, and now works as a contract industrial physician. He is highly interested in cooking, vegetables and nutrition, and is certified by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association and certified as a vegetable sommelier.


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