Flu Symptoms and Treatment

how to cure flu fast

The typical symptom of influenza is a fever of over 38 degrees with headache, joint pain, and muscle pain.
And if an antiviral drug is used within 48 hours after the fever is generated, it is said that the fever will fall about one day earlier.
However, there are cases where the heat does not drop easily, and the countermeasures at that time vary depending on the cause. Here are some of the reasons why the heat may not go down and how to deal with it.

Is it really Fever from Influenza?

If the heat does not go down easily, there are the following possibilities.
-Bimodal fever (fever where the peak comes twice)
This is a common phenomenon when infected with influenza B virus or in infants. After fever has fallen once, 1-2 days later, fever will occur again due to virus and immunity. This fever usually subsides within a few days, so don’t worry.
Combination of Colds Caused by other Viruses
When you lose your physical strength due to influenza, other fever and other viral infections may accompany the fever. Take a rest until your body’s immunity is restored.

Complication of Pneumonia and Bronchitis
Symptoms such as hemorrhoids and difficulty in breathing can cause pneumonia and bronchitis following flu. It is estimated to occur in 0.5 to 0.6% of patients with influenza. Since it is necessary to receive early treatment with antibiotics, etc., please make a prompt visit, especially in elderly people who are prone to becoming seriously ill.

Complication of Otitis Media
If ear pain or inability to hear occurs and slight fever persists, otitis media is suspected. It is estimated to occur in 0.2% of patients with influenza. Bacterial infections are often involved and require treatment with antibiotics.

Complication of Sinusitis
It is estimated to occur in 0.7% of patients with influenza. Symptoms such as pain around the nose, reverberation, and pain in the back of the eyes may occur. Again, treatment with antibiotics is required.

As mentioned above, if you have only the fever of influenza, it will usually drop in a few days.


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